7 Reasons We’re Excited for Dinah Shore

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The 25th Dinah Shore in Palm Springs is here! What’s there to get excited about? PLENTY…

1) It’s All About That Bass

Not only will there be thousands of half naked bodies bumping pool side, I will get to see Megan Trainor perform her hit song, among others, during a full live set at the Convention Center on Saturday night

2) Battle of the DJs

Six of the hottest female DJs from across the US will duke it out, musically of course, in the sun at one of the hottest pool parties in the country.

3) 100% Pure Love

A Cabana Pool Party Saturday with Crystal Waters? Um, yes please! I loved her in the nineties and I love her even more now.

4) Reuniting with old friends and meeting new onesdinah_virgins

I can’t wait for old friends scattered all over the country to reunite at Dinah Shore, and to introduce myself to all the Dinah Virgins.

5) Warm Weather, Palm Trees, and Pool Partiesdinah_scene

Yikes! Depending on where you are in the country you’ve either been really cold or really cold and buried under a mountain of snow. A visit to Dinah is sure to get rid of the chill and remind you that summer is coming soon

6) The Dinah Dancers – OMG. I’m falling in love, all over again.

7) Christina Perri

I have no idea who she is or what she sings, but I’m hoping to spend some “quality time” with her, dance with her, and hopefully have a good night. 😉